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hi grayson!

Grayson is a determined toddler with CHARGE, and many of the syndrome's trademark complications. When Grayson was first seen at TLFI at thirteen months of age, he was at a three month level for motor skills. When placed on his tummy, he could barely lift his head, and was unable to roll. He needed support to sit, and could not grasp small objects. He was fed via a Gastro-jejunum Tube (GJ-Tube) as he had reflux and severe oral feeding aversion.

After eighteen months of therapy, and with his family's love and support, Grayson has shown progress in all areas. His manipulative skills have improved and he enjoys puzzles, stacking towers, and scribbling on the doodle-board. He still has severe food aversion but is now able to drink water and tolerate some pureed foods. He communicates mostly by signing, but has begun to communicate verbally as well. He likes music and reading books. We are excited because Grayson defied all odds, and is now walking on his own! He is a joy to work with and we are so proud of him!