the Learning Fountain

With Gratitude... each and every one of our clients for your words of encouragement. Your children mean so much to us. Their challenges are our challenges. Their success is our success. Each little smile; each little step forward, each little breakthrough, are moments that we treasure. Thank you.

—The Learning Fountain Staff

Words of Encouragement:

We are so very grateful for The Learning Fountain and we can't thank them enough for all that they have done for Joshua. His future is a bright one, he continues to improve every day and we continue with the techniques and activities that we were taught to use at home. Thank you very much to all at The Learning Fountain.

—The Billingham Family

We began therapy at The Learning Fountain when my daughter was 19 months old and had just been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. As a parent, I was overwhelmed, scared, confused, and just wanted to see a ray of light for my daughter's normal development. Each week, Cina and the other therapists introduced us to new therapeutic techniques that I could do at home every day with my daughter, and they were patient in answering all of my questions, explaining the benefits of a particular technique, and handing me a box of tissues if I was having a hard day. Week by week, we built on the techniques, and they helped me understand creative ways of adapting the activities from our therapy sessions to the work I did on my own, always tailoring it to the ever-changing interests of my daughter and whatever environment we happened to be in... We are grateful to Eufrocina and the other wonderful therapists at the Learning Fountain. Their no-nonsense, intuitive, and compassionate approach to occupational therapy helped keep us motivated, and in time we saw wonderful progress.� We ended therapy when my daughter was just over 2-1/2, and I still use the techniques we learned to help encourage my daughter's continued progress at home.

—Julianna Gustafson

Jake had serious sensory integration problems that were significantly affecting his gross and fine motor development, as well as his overall emotional state.�Through Eufrocina and Isabel's work, he now has little to no disabilities and will soon be graduating!�As a parent, there is nothing scarier than not knowing what is "wrong" with your child. Each and every visit, these providers took my son into their arms, cared for him, taught him, laughed with him, played with him, and most importantly unconditionally understood him... all while offering me the support and encouragement that I needed.�He has grown and developed into a happy, smiling and eating (he had feeding issues too!) child! We owe so much to these people and will never be able to thank them enough!�They have changed Jake's life and our family's life. Thank you!!!

—Julie Vignolo

I can't believe Lizzie is turning 3 and our time with you has come to an end. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us over the past year. It's been a pleasure working with you. We've seen so much progress with Lizzie and we thank you for your dedication and support. You have endless energy and dedication to the kids- I'm sure it's so rewarding for you to see all of them make progress. As you've said before, your clients become family. We feel the same way. I am so grateful to have had your support on the journey with Lizzie. I know she is on a successful path and will be doing great things in the years to come! I will never hesitate to recommend you to anyone who may need OT. And I hope it's not the case, but if Lizzie ever needs OT down the road, we would gladly come back to see you.

—Amy Adams

I just want to thank you for all you have done for Jack. He is doing so well and I definitely have you to thank for a lot of that. I use so many of your little tricks day in and day out! You are excellent at what you do and make such a difference in people's lives. We will never forget you! Thank you!

—Beth, Brady, Jack, and Caper

...Eufrocina came into Abigail's life as a compassionate, understanding, and thoughtful guardian of our best interests and proven best practices. She understood our family's frustrations and concerns and spent many hours calming our trepidations. She worked intently with our daughter and communicated well with us. In a short time, we began to notice remarkable results. She seemed almost magical. Eufrocina observed Abigail and determined she had sensory integration dysfunction. She worked with Abigail on a weekly basis, and trained me, my husband, Abigail's grandmother, and her daycare provider in the techniques required to build our daughter's weak musculature...

Slow but determined, Abigail improved. She gained weight and we were able to decrease usage of her gastrostomy tube. Two years after meeting Eufrocina, Abigail was released from her services. She was able to eat all her food by mouth and her gastrostomy tube was removed! This was remarkable as our physicians and we were resigned to a lifelong future of tube feedings, growth issues, and physician uncertainty. We often look at Abigail as she develops and we are simply amazed! ... Without reservation, my husband and I are convinced that Abigail's current good health can be attributed to Eufrocina's efforts. Abigail has grown stronger and is now in kindergarten. We still reach out to Eufrocina from our new home in Oklahoma to ask for advice and seek encouragement. She'll forever be in our prayers and on our Christmas card mailing list. She is intelligent, understanding, and flexible. She listens to parents' concerns and truly cares for each child she works with. My family would recommend Eufrocina to anyone struggling to better understand their child's challenges.

—Kelly Ann

here's nolan!

Nolan had received school-based therapy for over one year prior to coming to TLFI. He was five years old, and his parents worried about his motor challenges. He walked or ran on his tip-toes most of the time, and was unable to pedal his tricycle, hop on one leg, play hopscotch, or walk on a balance beam. He also had difficulty with his pencil grip and letter formation.

Nolan's program at TLFI included postural and dynamic reflex integration, sensory integration and neuro-developmental treatment, handwriting strategies, and family training for follow-through at home. Within eight sessions, his tip-toeing had greatly decreased and his overall balance and confidence were much improved. He began to hop on one leg and play hopscotch successfully. Best of all, he started riding his bike (with training wheels). Within four months, his letter formation improved and he began enjoying writing activities too!